These £1 meals actually look amazing


In fact, tooth fairies are paying out more than that in 2017

Chef Miguel Barclay is starting a revolution, however, with his One Pound Meals cookbook.

You guessed it, each meal cost just a quid per head, and there are no packets of ramen noodles in sight.

Using fresh and frozen ingredients and shopping around are the keys to Barclay’s frugal but fancy food.

He costs everything to the penny, buying some things in bulk (such as meat and fish) and measuring out what you need. If you’re cooking for one (though you could freeze extra portions) or don’t live near a budget supermarket, they may take you over the £1 threshold, but our mouths are watering regardless.

Take a look at some of the food he’s making on a shoestring budget:

The recipes get easier and cheaper as you build up your pantry with staples, herbs, and spices. You should already have a few of the ingredients in your fridge or freezer too (like milk, flour, or eggs) so you’ll be able to use up existing stuff.

Amazon reviews for the book are overwhelmingly positive, with people saying that the no-faff recipes have changed the game for midweek mealtimes.


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